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Gentle Fitness Workshops

Light workout approach including movement and music - (All Ages)

Fun With Fitness

A mix of Cardio & Dance. (All Ages)

One on One

Fitness Training (program plan that is geared to meet your needs and goals).

About Us

Since 2019, zayfit416 and the life style we promote has been geared towards Community Health & Wellness, Self-Care, and Personal Health & Development. zayfit416 aims to provide a SAFE place for individuals to endure a HEALTHY experience. We encourage and support Participants to tap into their full potential during various workout sessions and workshops.



Dance and Fitness Monthly


One on One Training

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Private Fitness Party Packages


Why Choose Us

Because we are a Community Based Organization, affordable, encourage individuals to invest in healthy eating habits, fitness and overall wellness


Encourage Healthy Diet

Fitness Community

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